Pet Memorial Stars

Pet Memorial Stars from Name A Star

Remember a Pet


Star Naming Gifts for Those Who have Lost a Pet


Memorialize your favorite pet with their own special star!

The loss of a pet can be devastating! They are our fur-babies and very often, a huge part of your family! There are few ways we really have to remember our pets. With a Pet Memorial Star from Name a Star, you and your family can rest assured you will always keep their memories alive. Did you know that we even have constellations that represent various animals?

You can name a star in one of those constellations to help a grieving friend or loved one remember their companion. A pet memorial star is a unique sympathy offering for pet loss that lasts longer than flowers. It is an extraordinarily powerful gift that will mean the world to the family or friends who have lost a trusted buddy.

With a star named after a pet, you or someone who has gone through a recent loss, can look up at the night sky and feel close to that special companion again.

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